If you are a successful bidder at the auction, a deposit of $10,000 is required. The auctioneer then provides the bidder with a receipt. Receipts typically do not include the property address and only include the trustee information associated with the sale. We will email you the receipt and breakdown of payment to Trustee. Full balance is due to Trustee by 1 pm in our office the following business day so we can drive to Trustee, and pay for the property. If wiring the funds, the wire must be sent no later than 10 am and the office must be notified.


At the time of placing a bid, vesting information will need to be provided. The vesting information is how you will take the title on the deed. Examples of vesting:

  • John Smith, a single man
  • Company, LLC
  • John Smith and Jane Smith, joint tenants with right of survivorship

The trustee will issue deed one to two weeks after the sale. The procedure in our office is to receive the deeds and electronically record them online through Maricopa County. The recorded deeds are then mailed to the investors.

If you have questions on your deed please contact

Spencer Caldwell 480-283-4425